Among the extremely important items out-of character from the spouses are the quality of wudd

Among the extremely important items out-of character from the spouses are the quality of wudd

The fresh Prophet (serenity and you may blessings end up being on your) said, amerikanske menn og Libanesisk kvinner “Get married the fresh new loving/friendly, the baby-bearing woman, to have I shall outstrip others countries with your amounts towards the the day out of Wisdom.” (Ahmad, Abu Dawud, and others and you can classed just like the Sahih)

3- Child-Influence

Even as we see in the above-mentioned hadith, the Prophet (tranquility and you can blessings be through to your) recommended men so you can get married ladies who is child-results.

That it attribute is comparable to some of the needs and purposes from matrimony that were stated earlier for example procreating this new Muslim Ummah, elevating a beneficial pious nearest and dearest once the a foundation from society and so ahead.

4- Virginity

“Wed virgins to have he’s sweeter mouths, more successful wombs, and are usually pleased with little to no they score.” (At-Tabarani and it is Hasan)

Most other narrations signify an excellent virgin is more more likely happy by the men and less likely to be devious and you will deceiving.

Once, when Jabir hitched an older and you may in past times hitched woman, this new Prophet (tranquility and you will blessings end up being abreast of your) thought to your, “Have you thought to good virgin? You will get enjoyed their and you may she along with you.”

Muslim scholars be concerned that the a great feature applies to man just because applies to lady. `Umar ibn Al-Khattab (get Allah be happy with your) once heard of a woman who had been partnered so you’re able to an older guy in which he said: “O somebody, worry Allah and you may help some one get married the types.”

5- Charm

Which feature possess a specific character to relax and play because certainly one of the fresh reason for marriage should be to remain one another partners regarding sins.

Although this is something which undoubtedly develops over time, initially thoughts can be in some cases feel a barrier to help you a beneficial profitable matrimony.

The latest Prophet (tranquility and blessings end up being on your) ous matter of Khul along with her stated cause try that he are excessively displeasing so you can their particular.

There are various hadiths hence desire the prospective partner to locate a go through the most other in advance of carrying out the wedding.

Shortly after a partner told the Prophet (tranquility and blessings end up being through to him) that he was going to marry. The Prophet (serenity and you may blessings feel upon him) requested if the he previously seen her. If people replied in the bad, he (tranquility and you may blessings become up on your) told you, “Wade and look at their own for it is more likely to engender love between them people.” (Ahmad although some and is also Sahih)

“Brand new woman should choose one who is religious, of great character, reasonable as well as nice wealth. She shouldn’t wed a keen evildoer. A person ought not to get married their younger daughter so you can a classic otherwise an unappealing man, however, the guy will be wed their own to a single comparable.”

Charm has its part, but understand that it’s way down on concern number around piety, profile and you will faith. When a guy leaves charm most importantly of all, the effects are going to be devastating.

Elaborating about what you need to look out for in someone, the brand new later Sheikh Sayyed Post-Darsh, the late President of your own Uk Shari`ah Council, adds:

Age difference between potential lovers really should not be too high. This is not reasonable giving a young girl to help you a great man who is twenty or 3 decades their particular older.

A gray-haired guy shortly after approved by an early on black colored-haired girl and he recommended so you’re able to their particular. She tested him and you may told you, ‘I take on, but there’s a great snag.’ The guy enquired exactly what it was, to which she responded, ‘I have certain grey locks.’ The person passed on instead a word. She named aside. ‘My buddy, have a look at my personal locks!’ She had tresses given that black colored because coal. The guy said to their particular, ‘As to why did you claim that?’ She replied, ‘To inform you that we don’t like into the dudes the things they’re doing not like in females.’




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